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iTunes is a free program that one can download from the internet then install in the system. It is an Audio Players that is recommended for those who have iOS based devices.

iTunes is free for Windows PC and Mac machines. The software is also fast in its functioning and is relatively easy to use. The user interface is simpler and space is better utilized as compared to other similar players such as Windows Media Player. Some may even describe the new iTunes as attractive in terms of aesthetics. In terms of display, the player has done a much better job than Winamp Pro for instance.

An improved interface

From the new interface of iTunes, the default album view occupies the entire window. This is a totally different approach than what we were accustomed with in previous versions. Now, playlists and other albums can be accessed with a simple click of a button. If you need to access your connected devices, it can still be done on the left of the interface. The synchronization process of contents on your devices with your computer remains one of iTunes best features.

There are pros and cons in using iTunes but we can agree that the former outweigh the latter. One particular advantage of using iTunes is how one can access content from the iTunes store. The moment you log into the store, you will receive suggestions on tracks and albums that might be of interest to you. The new iCloud storage has become an integral part of this player and is still free.

Everything is simply better in the new version of iTunes.

  • Integrated iCloud support
  • Alternative mini player
  • Improved album arts retrieval
  • Simple interface
  • No online streaming
  • Long download time

Choose your download:

Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download
iTunes6464Setup.exe exe 0.00B 64 bits Windows Download
iTunesSetup.exe exe 0.00B 32 bits Windows Download
iTunes6464Setup.exe exe 161.85MB 64 bits Windows Download
iTunesSetup.exe exe 112.93MB 32 bits Windows Download
iTunes Free Download screenshot